How we pray your church uses these Parent Takehomes

Following are 52 Free weekly takehomes.
Each WEEK put a stack of pages by each Church door.
...OR...in the classrooms for children to get their own.
The Holiday takehomes are last Hoping you browse along the way.

Partnering with Parents...Takehomes about God.
Window Coloring Page...Seek First
God as Creator...30 ways to walk with a child
Pocket Scriptures...God is with us.
Bible Coloring..Our favorite for Vacation Bible School
Mini coloring for doorknobs and refrigerators.
Mirror Coloring page...you will need a mirror.

Partnering with Parents...Takehomes about The Bible.
Bible KEYS... to God.
Window coloring page..."Love"
Make your own marble game...Holy Spirit.
WATCH at least one of these you tubes

Partnering with Parents...Takehomes about Jesus.
Pocket Scriptures for parents"
Mini coloring for the car.
Mirror Coloring Page about God
Great craft/GAME for VBS or home.
Bedside Calendar ... TRUST!!
Bible coloring...Jesus.

Partnering with Parents...Takehomes about Prayer
Window Coloring Page...be a child of God.
Every child in the world should have a prayer cup
Lord's prayer coloring page...84 languages at teachustopray.com.
Lord's prayer puzzle.
Bible KEYS... to prayer
Bible Coloring page...Amen

Partnering with Parents...Takehomes about Love
Bible Promise Coloring Page...Believe
Mini Verses ... "Love"
Son Catchers for windows...Love one another.
Pocket Scriptures about love.
Mini coloring for doorknobs and refrigerators.
Bible coloring plus mirror Coloring page...you will need a mirror.

Partnering with Parents...Takehomes about Growth.
Window Coloring Page...Being made like Jesus
Bedside Calendar..."Love"
Keys to LONELINESS...God is with us.
Bulletin Insert...print black and white or Color
Bedside calendar...grow through the Holy Spirit.
Son Catcher...Color for your window??

Partnering with Parents...Takehomes about Creation.
Try a pet dove.
Try a tire garden.
Paint with flowers/
Jesus is MAGNETic
Making Bird Putty
ROOTED in God's Love.

Partnering with Parents...Takehomes for Holidays.
Letter to Jesus instead of Santa
Set of ornaments to color the "Names of Christ.
Set of ornaments to color the "Gifts HE gives.
Set of eggs to help children find Christ
Jesus gives the best valentines of all...valentines like this one.
This Thanksgiving card prints double sided.

Partnering with Parents...Helping chilren with their emotions.
Bedside calendar about FEAR
Bible keys to help with LOSS
Pocket Scriptures...When we are depressed.
Bedside calendar when we need JOY.
Coloring page...God will supply your every need...ask him.
Mirror Coloring page...trusting God when things look wrong.

Partnering with Parents...Takehomes about The Holy Spirit.
Marble game...Fruit of the Spirit.
Four mini verses...The Holy Spirit.
Bedside calendar...The Holy spirit.
Son Catcher...Color and tape in window.
Bible Coloring...The Holy Spirit.
Pocket Screiptures about the Holy Spirit.

We hope you enjoy the activities and coloring pages.
Free bible crafts for vacation bible school and weeknight activities

We pray God blesses your efforts to make scripture a HABIT
in the lives of the world's children.

We pray also that you visit www.teachustopray.com
for DAILY prayer helps to last family or church an entire year.

All artwork and commentary (c) Charles White.
Feel free to make up to 100 copies for use by your local church
as long as they are not altered, offered for sale or used to promote
a product, service or website. All other rights reserved
Unless otherwise noted all Scripture is taken from the King James Version