Free Bible Coloring pages.

Memories that will last your children all their lives

Color WITH your children, daily reminders that God is REAL.
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The divorce and anger books help children heal.
The Universal pages allow any church in the world
to add any verse in the Bible in any language in the world.
Before you color WITH your child
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Deuteronomy 6, verse seven Phrase two: "Talk about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road." ESV

Two key parts of talking with a child about a Bible verse are asking
questions... which makes a child think...
and sharing your own EXPERIENCE with the verse,
how the verse or God has helped you in the past.
A third option is praying about the verse
that God would help you both understand it better.

The hidden assumption is that parents will automatically spend TIME
with their children...time asking questions, time sharing their experiences
with God and his word, time praying together. Keeping a few Bible coloring
pages by the TV is a great reminder to sit down DAILY with our children
and enjoy one another. A second great way to spend time with each of our
children is a walk. Walking together is God's description of how we should
relate to him and to one another. When is the last time you colored WITH
a child or went for a pleasant walk with your child? You could take a Bible
Verse with you. You could do it once a day.

We hope you enjoy the activities and OUTSTANDING Bible coloring pages.
in swahili, Thai, nepali, hindi, espanol, malaysian, French, Gujarati, any language in the world"
We pray God blesses your efforts to make scripture a HABIT
in the lives of the world's children.
Free Bible coloring for families

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of Holy Scripture.

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