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Free Bible Coloring Pages Putting god first

1. Our primary job as parents is to make God more real than TV, or music or friends. The following four descriptions of God are a great starting place.
a.God made the world because he Loves us.
b. He gave us the Bible because he loves us.
c. He helps us pray because he loves us.
d. He invites us to join his family because he loves us.
2. Does your family own a picture Book about Jesus? How about your church? Have you asked at your local library? For more free Scripture coloring pages visit: https://www.bibleparent.com
3. The first thing children need to know about sin is that it will kill you, just as surely as getting hit by a bus or falling from a tall building. God warns us about sin to keep us safe. For more information visit your local church.
4. TOO MUCH FOCUS ON SIN IS A BAD IDEA. God wants us to LOOK where we are going... toward Jesus, We should not focus on ourselves. That is what Satan did. Look to Jesus and you will not stumble.
5. Would you like to be born again? Who could you ask to pray with you? Would they pray with you once a week until you understand what it means to have a new life? Visit www.bibleparent.com And sign up for "Pocket Scriptures."
6. None of us is STRONG enough to be good all the time. We want to be good but then someone hurts us, calls us names, or we get tired, angry or hungry. Next time you are FEELING like being bad Ask Jesus to help. He WILL lend you his strength and help you to do what is right instead of what you are tempted to do.
7. We can't see Love and we can't see God But Love is real and God is real. Are you praying for The Holy Spirit to make you more loving and less selfish? For more free Scripture coloring pages visit: https://www.bibleparent.com
8. Love is not natural. It is supernatural. Ask God to help.
9. God's love also enters the home through his word. Cut out a coloring page And tape it in a window.
10. Being hurt by others even members of your own family is a sad reality for many children. If you are one of those children pray first and then tell someone what is happening to you. God will help you. Do not be afraid to tell your story to others. God does not want you to live in fear. He wants to set you free and protect you.
11. Scripture tells us four times: 1 John 5:3, John 14:15, 2 John 1:6 , 1 John 2:3, "If you love me obey my commandments." ,
12. None of us can love without God's help. Ask him to to help you BELIEVE.
13. God shows his Love in many ways. He gave us the world we live in. He gave us mighty promises in his Word. He gave us the life of his son. He gives us the Holy Spirit. The more time you spend thinking about his gifts the more his love will become personal.
14. Starting each day with prayer is the best habit anyone could have.
15. Jesus is different. He has the POWER and the LOVE To keep His Promises. "Trust Him…Follow Him".
16. "Love one another" If it were easy God would not have made it a command. For more free Scripture coloring pages visit: https://www.bibleparent.com
17. Playing with sin is like Playing in traffic. You are sure to get hurt. When Jesus calls run to him. The closer you get to him the safer you are.
18. Jesus saves us from a lot more than sin. He saves us from fear, from anger, from Satan, from people who would harm us. He saves us from loneliness, from poverty, from addictions, and a list of sorrows too long to list. The one thing we need to KNOW is that he would rather save us BEFORE we have a problem. Pray each morning, tuck a scripture a day in your pocket, trust his promises and learn to hear the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
19. PUTTING GOD FIRST EVERY DAY OF THE YEAR. Our dream is that every Parent and Church in the Body of Christ helps each child they serve start each day with a Bible verse in their pocket. We call them "Pocket Scriptures."
20. Our favorite craft from www.bibleparent.com is mini crosses. They make great refrigerator magnets and great gifts, gifts any child could be proud of, But Our favorite use is sticking them inside cupboard doors so they are SURPRISE BELSSSINGS. You might not want one on your TV screen but putting it as close as possible might help.

May these Bible coloring pages help you Your children with Bible verses. First on important Holidays and then all year long. We especially hope you will forward the entire slide show to small inner city and rural Churches, Christian School Teachers, Orphanages and missionaries.

We pray also that you visit www.teachustopray.com
Our Lord's prayer coloring pages
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