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Instruction for the Marble Games

Printing the games as tepees: The least expensive option for printing individual games is to print them on light colored construction paper. A sturdier second option is to take the original to a copy center and print on cardstock. The games will work if printed on regular copy paper but are not as durable. Once the games are printed fold them down the middle lengthwise and hand them out to the children. Mounting the game on a shoebox (For permanent reusable tool): Any box three inches tall will work but we especially like shoe boxes with lids as they make a handy place to store your marbles and enough games for each child in your class. Place the box- bottom down- on a table and place your scissors or knife one inch from the corner. Cut down two inches then repeat one inch from the opposite corner. The distance between the two cuts should be 10-10 ½ inches. Fold down the piece between the two cuts and remove it. Repeat on the opposite side of the box. Then cut a marble game into two halves. Cut out the dotted triangles and tape, glue or STAPLE the Game to the shoe box so that the open space on the box is behind the openings on the game. If you are making the marble games in class the shoe box is not needed. Just fold the game in half and cut out the triangles. All you will need are some child Safe scissors to cut out the triangles. Total time required is about ten minutes for six children. Make enough copies of the following set of rules so each parent/child/family receives one. Rules (Parent Teacher Guide) for Marble Games Aiming a child is even more important than aiming an arrow. (Psalm 127:4) If it is important to you try this little marble game.


Game #1 Call your shot. Get down on the floor and be ready to have some fun. We call this first game "Call your shot" because we don't want the children aiming at the hole…we want them aiming at the word or idea above the hole. Let everyone read the game teepee and choose which of the openings they want to try for and then set up the teepee at an appropriate distance. (Maybe even move it back for adults or older children and closer for younger children.) Each player gets three marbles to make his shot then it is the next persons turn. Set up the stakes before beginning play. Loser has to do a SMALL chore, or winner gets a quarter…whatever will motivate the children to practice. When finished put the game on the shelf for playing another day. When the children are familiar with the game (the second or third time NOT the first) ask them the big question: "Is what you aim at in life as important as what we aim at in this game?"

Game #2 Grand Slam This game is played in teams. Each team is given a list of the openings on their gameboard (this list downloads with each game). Each team member gets one or two marbles. Take turns shooting, first person from team one then first person from team two…etc. Each time a TEAM MEMBER scores a goal cross it off your teams list. The first team to cross off all five goals on their game board is the winner. Use the same rewards/consequences as "Call your Shot"…OR use the game as a form of correction when your children are grouchy. "Honey I think your aim is off…why don't you get your game. When you show me a grand Slam or two or three we will put you back in the game.

Note to Sunday School Teachers, VBS leaders: The main goal with the games is to get them into the home and encourage parents to get involved in the spiritual lives of their children. You can help motivate the children by devoting 20 minutes of classroom time once a month to having a marble tournament. Once the children have had two or three tournaments ask them the big question. : "Is what you aim at in life as important as what we aim at in this game?"
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