Week Three of our Homegroup "Partnering with Parents" is:
"Creation for Parents" Helping children EXPERIENCE the world God intends for us all.
Today's child spends very little time in the world God created for us all.
Sharing that sense of wonder and harmony takes effort...a parents DAILY effort
Go for a walk...plant a flower...LOOK UP.

Then watch the video and Scroll down for individual Takehomes.
Week Three:
Creation for parents
  For this weeks Classroom activity go to www.bibleparent.com/creatact.html and click any image.
We especially like flower painting and bird putty.
Print one copy for each attendee.

For this weeks homework have each person open the coloring book image and
choose a daily walk from the 30 choices,
We hope you enjoy the activities and coloring pages.
And pray God helps you enjoy his WONDER-FULL world

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