Getting to know Jesus better
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Free Bible Coloring pages about Jesus

1. 1. May these coloring pages help parents make "Jesus" A part of their families daily Life

2. What we see truly is made from what we can't see…from light., There is another kind of light than the one that helps us see. It is the light Jesus puts inside us. Have you asked Jesus to light your world and your heart? Jesus is the Light of the world.
3. Lord of Grace means Jesus loves you and wants to help you. Lord of Glory means he is able.
4. Click this link or the image for Son Catcher from the New English Translation: Second most important is getting to know what God is like. That is why Jesus came to earth…so we could know God better.
5. When we ask him To live in us We allow His spirit to live in our spirit. He also lives in the spirits Of the Christians around us.
6. Getting to know Jesus is not always easy. It means surrounding yourself with Bible Verses. It means praying. It means going to Church. It means loving others. Mostly it means learning to recognize the Holy Spirit when he is speaking to your spirit
7. Jesus died over 2,000 years ago…but he is not dead. He lives. We can't see him but he is real and he is alive.
8. God's light enters the home through his word. Color a son/catcher cut it out and put it in a window. It will change your home.
9. The Bible and the Cross. Because You can't understand Bible Verses without prayer and you can't pray rightly without Bible Verses.
10. God says you can be his child too. First you get reborn., Then you get adopted., Then for the rest of eternity you get to call God Father and say "Abba…Father."
11. Most of us act like we should when everyone around us loves us and things are going well but when we get hurt or sick or feel lonely or angry then we act badly…all of us. Those are the times we need Jesus most.
12. Who would you like for King. Someone who cares about you or someone who doesn't. God made Jesus King because he cares. Being King means Jesus has the power to help us…each of us…all of us.
13. After you become a Christian God wants you to grow. A big part of growing is learning. One very good idea is to carry a Bible Verse with you each day of the week and then ask God to put it in your mind and write it on your heart. Jesus has promised he will do this.
14. 14. "Holy" is a very big word. The Dictionary says it means "completely devoted to God or his work" Another way of saying this is that we must learn to be dead to ourselves and alive to Christ. In the end being "Holy" is impossible unless we have asked Christ in our hearts and then do our best to know him better and to serve him only.
15. Joy is being with someone who loves you and loving them in return. Spending time with Jesus is the most important part of the Christian life. The more TIME you spend with him the more joy fills your life.
16. Imagine what it would feel like to be a branch on a grape vine and then have someone cut you off and throw you in a pile on the ground. You might look the same for a day or two but you would be dead and your leaves would dry up and fall off. That is what sin does. It cuts us off from the vine. Let Jesus graft you back in.
17. A thought for Easter If you look for eggs you will find eggs. If you look for Jesus you will find Jesus…It's a promise…his promise.
18. Jesus loves everyone.

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