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The family that prays together really does stay together!!
Could you forward one or both of these "Prayer" slideshows to a friend or two?

Riding a Bicycle for the First Time, ...A Child's First Prayer...
These are the MAGIC moments of childhood...and of parenthood.

Our prayer is that the first coloring book gives your family
the one thing you need most...a starting place.
that the second book is used for reminders...
one a week for 12 weeks.

For more prayer helps visit our sister site

Click either image to start the slide show.
All the pages are PRINTABLE,
just click the image or a link.
Following the slide show are our original pages PLUS a mirror coloring page
The mirror pages help a child understand the value of praying over each Bible verse.

Lord's Prayer coloring pages.
Prayer coloring for older children.

Click any image to print a page OR...
To print all 24 pages on a free continuous pdf file. Click Here

God hears
God hears prayer
Pray Boldly
pray boldly
Pray for one another
Pray for one another
Bible coloring-prayer
Thy Kingdom come
pray with faith
pray with faith

Bible coloring
Pray my words
I will answer
I will answer
Bible Coloring
Pray against temptation
Fervent Prayer
Fervent Prayer
Prayer coloring
God gives strength

He prayed
He prayed
Whatsoever coloring
Whatsoever we ask
without ceasing
Pray without ceasing
Holy Ghost
Pray in the Holy Ghost

Free Bible Coloring pages about prayer, King James
Scripture taken from Holy Bible, King James Version
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