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Free Bible Coloring pages about Love, and free Bible valentines.
     Helping Parents Become the Spiritual Leaders their Children Need.

The one great message of Scripture is
God's Love For each of us.
and his desire that we share his LOVE for and with
one another.

May the coloring book/slideshow at the bottom of this page
make both these themes memorable.

We TRUST you will like the slide show and print a few pages.
We HOPE you will keep some by the door of your Sunday School classroom
We PRAY you will Click Here to sign up for a free monthly coloring book.

You might like also Click Here to take a look at our Bible Cards for Valentines day.

Click any image to print a free coloring page.
Each page is followed by a page which must be held up to a mirror.
This reminds children who want to understand to hold the verse up to God.

Free Bible Coloring "love"

Free Bible Coloring "love"
love coloring Free Bible Coloring "love"

Scripture taken from Holy Bible, King James Version
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