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In normal family life emotional REBONDING with our children
should occur after each separation of four hours or more.
REBONDING after Divorce
takes a bit longer but is the single most important step
in restoring a child to a normal life hope and a future.

One of a single Mom's greatest challenges/hopes is emotional rebonding...
Remembering that children are not luggage to be towed through life
but fellow travelers. Rebonding for the single Mom most often means
slowing down at least once a day to see who your children are becoming.
The activities on the lower half of this page can help.

For absent father's a similar challenge/hope is
finding something in common with your children...a shared interest or goal.

We pray with all our heart that the Rebonding activities are a help.
We heartily suggest that before moving on to the activities
you read one or both of the following articles.
Anchors for the Children of Divorce
Reconnecting to God

Birdfeeding/Fear Activity The problems we see in our children are much smaller than those we can't see. The top of the list for the children of divorce is fear. Birdfeeding is one of God's specialties. Learning how he cares for the birds can help a child suffering from fear. It can even help adults. The special bonus is that it can keep a child busy for days.
Coloring Projects/Leadership
Visit > for hundreds of coloring projects...Son Catchers, Mirror pages etc. To color flying Bible discs, Refrigerator Magnets, Easter Eggs and Christmas Ornaments, etc. visit ONE KEY TO REBONDING WITH YOUR CHILDREN IS DOING THINGS TOGETHER. Even a manly man can do girly things with his daugthers. If you have sons color the Bible Verses. Then make them into paper airplanes, then bend a coat hanger into a circle and you have a father son game that makes the point that God's word is meant to fly...that God wants to be our pilot not the co-pilot. NOTHING AN ABSENT FATHER COULD DO COULD HELP HIS CHILDREN AS MUCH. Try other Bible games at .
Walking together...the perfect relationship.
Anyone who has worked in a day care for more than one day knows that going for a walk can change even the worst of times around. The variety of walks is endless, listening walks, collecting walks, looking up walks, backwards walks, trust walks etc. etc.
Painting with Flowers/loss
Loss is one of the worst things for children. Making flower painted thank you cards that focus on the beauty of THE INVISIBLES helps children focus on what they still have.
Planting a few seeds can help children monitor their attitude. Do they plant and invest in the world around them or do they see only themselves. A child sized garden...even a butterfly garden can be planted in a tire. We heartily recommend people visit www.creationforparents for many additional rebonding activities.
A Heaven Father
Earthly Fathers (and Mothers) cannot meet all a chld's needs...sometimes very few of them. Giving children a parent they can count on begins with "The Lord's Prayer". FATHERS have a special role in teaching their children to pray. Too often that task like so many others falls to the mother or a grandparent., We hope you begin by visiting
Whistle While You Work
Children who are taught to enjoy work when they are 5-10 years old just don't go to prison. Five minutes twice a day when your child is 5-10 can save you a lot of grief when they are 14-20 and make your house shine.

Helping Children (and ourselves) with anger.
Even after the divorce is over the anger lives on...often in the hearts of the children. This page can help turn anger into a bond that brings you closer together instead of a bomb that is constantly ticking. May we also invite parents to visit

Recovery in the Kitchen
Eating the family meal is not nearly so important as preparing it. Even the youngest child can get in on the rebonding.
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Statistics taken from "The Costly Consequences of Divorce"
Published by the National Institute of Health Research,
Compiled by Dr.'s David and Susan Larsen.