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If an evangelism party is not possible print a few
cards and or ornaments for the children in your church. Every
child should have something he is proud to make and GIVE.

Christmas Ornaments=  
Christmas Ornaments=  
Son Catchers
Christmas Ornaments=  
Christmas Ornaments=  

An Ornament making party is all about helping your Sunday School classes bring in unchurched children...
and reminding the whole church that
Christmas should be about others.
Click Here to print Leaders Guide.
A few things that will make your party special.
      1. Make your own invitations.
Each child colors 1-5 Ornament Cards and adds a handwritten invitation
inside the card or Click the image to the right to print invitations they can
glue inside. What an opportunity to give the children a project...
something they can do for the church and for Jesus.

2. Try for an interview on local Radio or TV.
Present your party as a big event asking the whole community to help put
Christ back in Christmas or as a small event with Cocoa and Cookies for
neighborhood children. (Everybody gets to make something.)   Leave your
child or participate as a family OR, pick up a few ornaments to take home
and color with your children." If local tv or radio stations do not have
time for an intervie ask if they could mention you in their community
calendar or on their website. If you do your own interview we hope you
will mention our website and suggest that families
who can't make it to your party download their own ornaments
and make them at home.

3.Settle for an article in your local newspaper and the community
calendar at the library. There are still a few people who actually read.

Unless otherwise noted all Bible verses are taken from the King James Bible
All other artwork and commentary copyright by Charles White.
Feel free to make up to 100 copies for use by your local church as long as they are not altered or offered for sale.
All other rights reserved.

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Free Printable Bible verses for parents and children.

Free Printable Bible verses for parents and children.