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Our favorite sermons, our favorite pastors.
Try some of the following resources by some real men of God.
If you need technical help playing a video on your Church's TV Best Buy has helped us.

EVERY TIME the children of Israel Fell away from God
it was their failure to pass their faith to the next generation.
Currently the RATIO of adults to children in most churches is
four adults to each child.
We need to quadruple this if the church is to survive.

Charles Stanley: "Training our children". We LIKE this message
and hope it motivates both parents and churches to try our
Three part Homework to follow Dr. Stanley's Video

Tony Evans "Raising Kingdom Kids". All the videos in this set are VERY GOOD. We pray your church will consider a three or four week
series on parenting and bring in some unchurched parents.

Adrian Rogers "Raising Kids that Count". It is difficult to imagine a better message than this one.

Pastor Jim Cobrae "Raising Godly Children". A FINE message.

John McArthur "Successfull Christian Parenting part 2". Whether your
church is Armenian or Calvinist we like this message to parents.

Michael Youssef "Parenting the Heart". Audio only but this message is
one of the best we have heard.

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Other messages you may like.

Pastor David Jeremiah "Building on a Solid Foundation" Pastor Jeremiah helps parents take their first important step.
Truly one of our favorites

Andy Stanley: "Future Family part 5". A very down to earth personal sharing,

Max Lucado: "Fearless Parenting". A sound message from Max,


Colin Smith "Parenting in the Flesh or in the Spirit". Colin Smith may not be
as well known as some of our other choices but in this instance he should be.
We LIKE this message and hope it motivates both parents and churches to try
our All-in-One Take Homes.

Pastor David Wilkerson "Impact of a Godly Parent". An older message but a good one.


Charles Stanley: "Successful parenting". Another fine message from one of our heroes.