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Pastors, Sunday School Teachers
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Six years ago the last of our nations leading 30 Christian
Denominations quit printing what was once the heart and soul of Childhood in the church...Bible Promise or Bible Memory Cards. God's word in child friendly-family friendly form is very nearly extinct and...
the Body of Christ has scarcely noticed.

How we pray your church will join us in:
Empowering children to change their homes by what they color.
Equipping PARENTS to be the spiritual leaders their children need.

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Raising Godly Children begins and ends in the home.
In the middle is the church.

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Unless otherwise noted all Bible verses are taken from the HOLY BIBLE, King James Version. All other artwork and commentary copyright by Charles White. Feel free to make up to 100 copies for use by your local church as long as they are not altered or offered for sale. All other rights reserved.

A great source for free printable Bible Coloring pages...all free and all printable.

Free Printable Bible memory cards for parents and children.

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Best Lord's Prayer Coloring Pages on the Internet.