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Enough verses on a single page to fill
a bowl, peanut butter jar or margarine tub.
Decorate the jar and it becomes a gift fit for a King,
a friend, a teacher... or a grandmother.
(Choose your own Holiday)
OR...Fill a bowl and put it on the table or near the door SO...
The entire family gets A VERSE A DAY.
For larger verses try the "Pocket Scriptures" at

Click any brown words for enough "Pocket Scriptures"
to fill a child's bowl-jar-tub.

Click Here to Print/download UNIVERSAL PARENT TAKEHOME

 Verses about Fear.  Fear cripples and paralyzes millions of children daily. In the inner city and many third world countries it is a child's only companion.    espanol

Verses about Anger.
 According to Dr. Ross Campbell, noted Christian author and winner of the presidents award in pediatrics, a child's own anger is the greatest single threat to his happiness, health, life and soul. We have never met a child who does not need these verses.  espanol

Verses about Loneliness.
  The theme song for many many children, teens and pre-teens is "Looking for Love in all the wrong places". These verses can help them look in the right place...God, Family and Church. How we pray you the children in your family/church get a set of these verses.   espanol
Verses for the child of Divorce.
 The male child of divorce has his life shortened 2.4-10 years, the female child 2.4-4. Their shortened live give us just a peek at how much they suffer. Hope you try these verses and a visit to our divorce recovery site  espanol

Verses about Loss.
 Loss of a parent or friend, a school or a neighborhood can cause anger, fear, and loneliness all at the same time. We pray no child endure Loss without COMFORT from God's word and his church. Try balancing peer pressure by sending your children out the door with...a verse a day.   espanol

Verses about Peer Pressure.
 We all NEED family. For millions of kids that family is a blend of pop culture and their friends. These verses can have a balancing effect. espanol

Verses about Joy.
  Joy is spending time with the one you love. Use these verses to point your child toward Jesus.

Verses for a child Moving to a new neighborhood or school.
 Aside from losing a parent to death or divorce MOVING is the number one stress of childhood. If there is a child in your class who has moved or is going to a new school these scriptures are for him.

Verses about Shame.
  Being abused in any way can leave a child with deep feelings of shame even when he or she was the one injured. We pray these verses can help a child you love.

Verses about LOVE.
 The one great truth of all scripture is LOVE. God is love. Love is the fulfillment of the Law. Love covers a multitude of sins and on and on and on thru eternity. NOTHING is more important than trusting God's love and sharing it with others. 
What better gift could any child give than a jar or tub of verses about love?  espanol

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