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Contest #1: (Click Here) Help the children you love write a
"Letter to Jesus" instead of a letter to Santa.
We invite children under eight to use our preprinted letter.
Older children are encouraged to write their own letter.
Children of all ages are encouraged to ask for something invisible.
Something like Salvation, fellowship, patience, mercy, hope...etc. .
Entries from parents or grandparents only
Email us a photo of the letter

Contest #2: Homemade tree ornaments...
something any child can be proud to COLOR and GIVE.
Scroll down to view our slideshow...
or use the buttons to the left for
a wonder-full collection of easy to make cards and ornaments.
Each ornament features one of the Gifts Christ gives...
the kind of gifts we should give.
One of Christ's names so children know "The party is not for them"
To enter Email us a photo of any ornament

Evangelism Party Reach out to unchurched children.
...Host an ornament making party...
It will increase your Sunday School/Church attendance
and remind the children in your class that
Christmas is all about SHARING the Good News.
Click Here or the "Party:" button to turn Christmas into
a child sized evangelism project.

Hope you enjoy our slide show and forward it to others
Each page of the show offers PRINTABLE ornaments.


Color your own Christmas Ornaments.
These very special Ornaments feature the names of Christ
and the gifts he gives. Go to

Unless otherwise noted all Bible verses are taken from the King James Bible
All other artwork and commentary copyright by Charles White.
Feel free to make up to 100 copies for use by your local church as long as they are not altered or offered for sale.
All other rights reserved.

Our email is

Free Printable Bible verses for parents and children.

Some of our favorite websites
Best Lord's Prayer Coloring Pages on the Internet.   
Great helps for children who struggle with anger. His or her greatest danger is a child's own anger.
The children of divorce lose years off their lifespan. These coloring pages can help.

Great VBS craft ideas and coloring pages.