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1 Peter 3:9    Do not repay evil with evil or insult with insult, but with blessing,

Children need our help SOLVING their differences.
They need us to help them LOVE each other.
Quarreling siblings may not like reading these blessings to each other.
But they will remember ALWAYS what we expect of them?

Try printing a few of the following cards.
Give a few copies to each child.
At the onset of a quarrel help them with your adult problem solving skills.
Then have them read the blessing until someone laughs.

For sibling blessings...scroll down.
For scriptural blessings Click Here

Click the title to print any blessing.
Sibling Blessing #1
Having our children bless one another actually CORRECTS (makes right) our children's behavior rather than punishing.
An anonymous blessing from a Newspaper in my grandmother's attic.
Sibling Blessing #2
When we are cursed, we bless; when we are persecuted, we endure it; when we are slandered, we answer kindly...1 Corinthians 4:12.
Try using this Bible verse before having your children bless each other.
It reminds them that God cares about their spats.

Sibling Blessing #3
There is nothing like divorce to make a child doubt all love, even God's. USING this blessing is guaranteed to make things better.

Sibling Blessing #4
For children divorce is all about losing things, sometimes about losing everything...friends, house, school, grandparents, even hope and safety. This blessing can encourage everyone to ask for and look for NEW THINGS.

Sibling Blessing #5
Having a child abused is one of the worst feelings in the world. This blessing can help. If you yourself are sometimes the abuser PLEASE see a Pastor.

Sibling Blessing #6
The one sure thing that EVERY child of divorce shares is FEAR. The fear will be very personal but it will be very real and this page can help. We reccomend also that you try our bird feeding activity. "Consider the birds of the air".

Sibling Blessing #7
Even after the divorce is over the anger lives on...often in the hearts of the children. This page can help turn anger into a bond that brings you closer together instead of a bomb that is constantly ticking.

Sibling Blessing #8
The stress meter for divorce is higher for children than any other event save the death of a parent. To be in any way manageable we must do all we can to prevent further stress and make life as dependable and smooth as possible. One way is to use this blessing when changing caregivers.

Sibling Blessing #9
One of the great values of the blessings is to help children know what REALLY pleases us. Sometimes these things get lost in daily life. Being a worker is a good thing emotionally and financially.
Sibling Blessing #10
Anything that will help your child THINK is a good thing.

Sibling Blessing #11
The one choice every family has to make daily is to bless one another or to be irritable. The great value of blessing cards is that they remind us what is important when so many things seem urgent.

Sibling Blessing #12
Perhaps the words should be modernized but there is something about this blessing that makes you think St. Patrick had a mother (or father) who cared about him very much.

Sibling Blessing #13
Blessings can and should be FUN as well as sincere.

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