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VBS Crafts & Activities #1   
                        VBS Crafts & Activities #2   

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 1 Color Verses for New Years, Scripture Strip, Bulletin Insert, and Goals for Parents.
Spanish/Espanol "para el nuevo año" Click Here

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 2  Surrounding Children with Bible Verses, Scripture Strip, Bulletin Insert, and great three in one craft project.
Spanish/Espanol "Que Rodea a su Hijo"Click Here.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 3 Parenting with Bible Verses, Scripture strip, Bulletin Insert and great Bible game with marbles.
Spanish/Espanol "Para Los Padres" Click Here

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 4 Color verses about Love, Valentines, bulletin insert, mini posters to help make invisible things more real, not scripture strip.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 5 More verses about love, valentine's cards, scripture strips, bulletin inserts. Many resources for valentines day and helping children focus on invisible things.

Spanish/Espanol: "El Amor" Click Here

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 6  Need a L.I.F.T? Does your family need a lift? Try "Pocket Scriptures".

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 7   Helping children step from a verse in a book into the arms of the living reality.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 8 Help your church give children "A Sense of Belonging".

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 9 Tips for sharing God's word with the children in your family/church.

   "Pocket Scriptures" week 10 Learning to TRUST God and Bible verses. Scripture strip, bulletin insert, Bible verse prism...great craft for VBS or any time.

  "Easter One" week 11 Color Verses for Easter. Growing your Sunday School.

  "Easter Two" week 12  Put Jesus back in Easter. Color your own Bible Easter eggs, Scripture Strips for Easter, and Bulletin Insert.

  "Easter Three" week 13  Look for eggs and you will find eggs. Look for Jesus and you will find Jesus. More Bible eggs and Pocket Scriptures.

  "Easter Four" week 14 More Easter Eggs and Pocket Scriptures.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 15  Helping children walk in the world God intended.

Spanish/Espanol: "de andar con Dios" Click Here.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 16 No child can live without hope. Special coloring pages for the Children of Divorce.
Spanish/Espanol: "Versos acerca de la Esperanza." Click Here.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 17 Helping children learn the Lord's prayer and develop a habit of praying with others. Great for the National Day of prayer or anytime.

Spanish/Espanol: "Versiculos sobre de la oración."" Click Here.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 18 More Pocket Scriptures about praye PLUS instructions for prayer jar.
Spanish/Espanol: "Versiculos sobre de la oración #2" Click Here.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 19 Verses about Faith.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 20 Verses about the Holy Spirit.
Spanish/Espanol: "el Espíritu Santo" Click Here.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 21  Verses about remembering.
Spanish/Espanol: " versiculos acerca Recodar" Click Here.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 22  Verses about walking.
Spanish/Espanol: "de andar con Dios" Click Here.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 23  Verses about Relying on God.
Spanish/Espanol: "confiar en Dios" Click Here.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 24.  Verses for Father's Day.
Spanish/Espanol: "Padre Nuestro" Click Here.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 25  Verses about learning from God.
Spanish/Espanol: "Sobre el Aprendizaje" Click Here.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 26 Verses about the right time to share a Bible Verse.
Spanish/Espanol: "Cuando a compartir?" Click Here.

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 27  Verses about being free in Christ.
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "Sobre ser libre"

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 28.  Verses about God's Promises...the if's.
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "los Peros".

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 29  Verses about fear.
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "del miedo".

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 30  Verses about looking up.
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "Miró Hacia Arriba".

  "Pocket Scriptures" week 31...verses about doubt
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "de duda".

  Week 32 Verses about Strength".
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "de fortaleza".

Week 33..."Verses about God.".

Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "de Dios"

  Week 34 Verses about School".
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "acerca de la sabiduría".
  "Pocket Scriptures" week 35...verses about right and wrong.
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "el bien y el mal".

  Week 36 Verses about friends".
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "de amigos".

Week 37..."Verses about living.".

Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "Viviendo por la palabra de Dios".

  Week 38 Verses about Healing".
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "concerniente a curacion".
  "Pocket Scriptures" week 39...verses about blessings.
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "las bendiciones".

  Week 40 Verses for Halloween".
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "el mal".

Week 41..."Verses for children.".

Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "Alentar a los ninos".

  Week 42 Verses about Healing".
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "La ayuda de Dios".
  "Pocket Scriptures" week 43...verses about earthly riches.
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "la verdadera riqueza".

  Week 44 Verses about giving thanks".
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "Dando Gracias a dios".

Week 45..."Verses about God's guidance.".

Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "Guia de Dios".

  Week 46 Verses about temptation".
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "tentacion".
  Week 47 Verses about connecting".
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "Estar Connectado". .
  "Pocket Scriptures" week 48...verses about forgiveness.
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "la verdadera riqueza".

  Week 49 Verses about Christmas #1".
Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "Nombres de Jesus".

Week 50 Verses about Christmas #2".

Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "Nombres de Jesus".

  Week 51..."Verses about Christmas #3.".

Verses in Spanish/Espanol: "Nombres de Jesus".